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Our new address 
06:58pm 10/11/2005
  Rock Music Review
P.O. Box 3526
Muncie, IN 47302
Just so everyone knows. 
04:38pm 15/04/2005
  This is the internal community for writers, editors, and photographers of RockMusicReview.com. (The site was formerly called freakcentral.com)

ALL posts must be posted FRIENDS ONLY. All new members must be approved.

If you want to write for RMR, leave a comment. I'll give you more info.
finally, eh? 
06:40pm 16/04/2003
mood: productive
so I just posted my review on the Used show waaaay back in February... sorry about that. College life can be rather hectic.

check it out, pictures by yours truly to come soon.

babelfish and more 
04:46am 12/12/2002
  - added babelfish translating to the bottom of every page. right now it only links to the actual script.. will add a variable to replace that with the link actually being viewed (ie /reviews instead of /1102.php?a=reviews ).

- will be switching approaches.
current approach:
redirect /reviews2 to /1102.php?a=reviews without user seeing it.
new approach:
/reviews will have it's own doc, using a topfile.php and botfile.php - i think this will be safer for bandwidth AND should make editing documents less confusing. this also enables me to add extra variables that are on a per page basis.

at the moment, the .php says "if a=reviews, then CurrentPageName=reviews (for the "home // reviews") and attachedFile=/.../reviews.txt ... this is too much. it should be cooler and easier to do in individual files. this will make it easier in my opinion, anyways,,, and that's what's important :)

only problem: when i include a .php it wants to display nothing. why? i think i need to make the topfile and botfile files to be a giant variable. i dunno. ?? i'll look into it tomorrow.

on finding more review writers... 
05:56pm 10/12/2002
  made a post to "themusicbiz" community

03:56pm 05/12/2002
  made a post to php and a post to webdev regarding the keeping logged in problem.

Current Status: (example)
12:41pm 19/11/2002
mood: amused
thus far in november:
Total Hits // 184436
Total Files // 121625
Total Pages // 11806
Total Visits // 5081
Total KBytes // 2160893

ROFL - Top 20 of 60 Total Search Strings

# // Hits // Search String
1 // 43 // 34.96% // jesus freak
2 // 9 // 7.32% // percings
3 // 5 // 4.07% // board icons
4 // 4 // 3.25% // masacre
5 // 2 // 1.63% // board-topics.html
6 // 2 // 1.63% // freakcentral.com
7 // 2 // 1.63% // how to freak a black and mild
8 // 2 // 1.63% // is masterbation a sin
9 // 2 // 1.63% // pictures of pierre bouvier from simple plan
10 // 2 // 1.63% // sheet music for simple plan
11 // 1 // 0.81% // ashley index jpg
12 // 1 // 0.81% // associativity or term or beanbag or disfigure or intercepts
13 // 1 // 0.81% // black and mild freak
14 // 1 // 0.81% // board clipart
15 // 1 // 0.81% // cache:bbme752g6boc:www.kithomepage.hpg.ig.com.br/gifs/personage
16 // 1 // 0.81% // christian masterbation
17 // 1 // 0.81% // clipart and wink
18 // 1 // 0.81% // coldplay sheet music
19 // 1 // 0.81% // concert photography emo
20 // 1 // 0.81% // design socks
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the giant bumper sticker.... (4 foot wide) 
12:49am 18/11/2002
Relient K 
11:09pm 10/11/2002
  -Katie's review of the november 9, 2002 show // relient k, bleach, philmore, holland // was posted today.

-Digital pics were loaded for the show.

-soon to upload new member system, so that people don't keep joining the one that will no longer work.

- Registered the following URLs which forward to freakcentral.com : http://www.freakcentral.tk , www.ConcertReview.tk

New Review Writers 
02:14am 30/10/2002
  The following livejournal users have given me permission to use thier review, and this I have done.

gerbie - i can't seem to find any reviews by him at all.
dlbags - great review writer. glad to have him. writes reviews for rock mostly.
comehomenow aka liz - she gives some great reviews for the poppier punk.

That' it! These guys rock...
I added nearly 10 reviews between them tonight. Check it:

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in search of writers... 
04:54pm 29/10/2002
  i made a post HERE in the album_reviews community.  
05:05pm 21/10/2002
  the #1 thing i was searching for has come true.

Check it.

What does this mean? The Automation system should be ready to be FULLY on board on the ACTUAL main pages... instead of doing both.

Another great feature... 
03:19pm 21/10/2002
mood: excited
Since I will also be able to include more fields in the "submit page" for news/reviews/polls, on the reviews pages there will be an entry field for:
Poster links
CD links
Other links

... you see... we now have an affiliation with AllPosters.com - which means 20-25% of the profit will come back to us. *yay* for that... of course, that money will all go towards paying for the thing to even be online. I have been paying out of pocket since 5-6 years ago, which comes up to 300-400 dollars. sucks, eh?

New things coming... 
02:24am 21/10/2002
mood: excited
when i convert the main part of the site from manual review submits to automatic, i will be adding NEW FEATURES!!!

I have obtained patches to enable the following:

- People will be able to join freakcentral.com and make comments on the reviews and news - no kidding!
- I will now be able to seperate news and reviews without making 2 seperate scripts and 2 seperate user dbs. *yay*
- I found that patch i hunted for. It will show only the beginning of a story, then have a "full story" link.
- a new patch called QuickPoll will enable us to have a polls section on the site also... and probably use the user db ^_^
- we can steal news from other sites and give credit to them using a patch that adds a "where we stole this from" box.

isn't this exciting? the whole site will be based on news and reviews. We could even get other people to submit thier own reviews once it gets going.

Also, I am working on finding a script that sucks news from popular news sites on a daily basis. for instance, a way to get rollingstone.com news on freakcentral.com ... we would, of course, include links, etc. to rolling stone and such, but does anyone know of a script that will suck news from a webpage on a daily basis??

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01:12pm 11/08/2002
mood: accomplished
hey, Jack put up my Warped Tour review, and he also put up his pictures. Give it a gander, it's really cool stuff :D
Update: GOAL: Automating Reviews. 
06:52pm 30/07/2002
  I currently have the automated reviews *almost* done.
Here are a few samples of what they will look like.

main display

This is the file that the main CGI created for Headline Links

This is the file it makes to be the main news page. I may or may not use it. I may also change the design a bit. also, i will be incorporating a comment here/read comments link just like on livejournal. neat idea eh? this file will only show 1 review. Unless ofcourse, I can find a programmer that can show me how to only display the first so many characters of a db entry. then i can just link to the rest of it.

individual news links

this is the same as the news.txt - same output... but i want to customize this one to show more then one, only a few lines of each. ANYONE WANNA HELP WITH THIS?

http://www.freakcentral.com/cgi-bin/reviews/viewnews.cgi?newsid1027368035,93877, - there is an example file. i believe i will use it in SSI (SHTML).


rather then monthly archives, i have archives by #s... meaning this # of archives per file. i think i have it set for 5 right now.

file to be attached that only has links to the arhives. (TXT for SSI)

Actual Archives main page:

Archive 1 (SHTML file)

Arichive 2 (txt file for SSI)

ALL archives (txt file for SSI)

ALL archives (shtml file)
01:00pm 20/07/2002
  If anyone is interested in programming for FreakCentral.com - give me a holla! I really need some guru geeks like me to help with CGI/Perl. If you are good with login/cookie scripts - talk to me!!!

Added: July 20, 2002
GOAL: Create the Links area 
12:59pm 20/07/2002
  I will either make a directory of bands, and have a band submit form, or not have links at all. If it becomes a hassle, i may get rid of it altogether.

Added: July 20, 2002
GOAL: CDNOW or some other CD selling service. 
12:59pm 20/07/2002
  Intergrate CDNOW? into the reviews to earn FreakCentral.com at least a LITTLE bit to cover costs. Although, I've already put several hundred dollars and time and soul into this, and have made... oh... nothing - except for FREE CDs.

Added: July 20, 2002
GOAL: Get more review writers 
12:58pm 20/07/2002
  I need more writers. Katie is the bomb, but I need people from around the US, not just Indy. Katie will always and continue to be the "Reviews Editor / Reviews Manager". Go Katie. You Rock.

Added: July 20, 2002